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Nathan and Michelle work either to a design brief provided by architects or interior designers or work with private clients to create a design brief. Clients will forward them a few images they like and they take it from there. A small scale drawing is made and a glass palette is created using glass samples.

The images below detail a design from 2022 which could be viewed as a homage to Hokusai's Great Wave of Kanagawa. The client has an interest in both graphic art and Japanese art and wanted us to explore both in the design work taking into account their collection of art, the interior colour scheme and Japanese art inspired wallpapers.

We worked out some very strong diagonal line work and used stencilling to create a very graphic effect for the paintwork, frits and kiln-formed glass to create a texture and depth to the crest of the wave and antique mouth-blown glass of a restrictive palette throughout of blues, ambers, greys and whites. In the background Colmer Hill a local landmark is introduced in connection with Hokusai's Mt Fugi.

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